Thursday, March 13, 2014

Down to Two Items

The WGA-AMPTP talks are close to a conclusion. But close is the key word.

... After less than a week back at the negotiating table, the WGA and the Alliance of Motion Picture and TV Producers have almost reached an agreement on a new 3-year contract. ... “Last week we concluded our second round of contract talks with the AMPTP,” said Negotiating Committee Co-Chairs Chip Johannessen and Billy Ray and WGA West President Chris Keyser in a message (see below) to members today. “Every aspect of our contract has been negotiated and agreed upon with two exceptions – options and exclusivity – which remain points of contention between us.” ...

At the link, you can read the Guild's statement about why they're holding out on options and exclusivity.

Writers on short-order shows now find themselves working for half a year or less, then stuck on unpaid hiatus for open-ended periods while waiting to see if their show – and their contract – will be renewed. During this period they are virtually unemployable because studios demand “exclusivity” and “first position” ...


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