Sunday, March 16, 2014

Running For Office

Patric Verrone, long-time animation writer (under the WGA) and a WGAw board member, goes after a State Senate seat.

WGA board member Patric Verrone, who as union president led the guild through a tumultuous 2007-08 strike, is running for state Senate in California's 26th district, he said in a fundraising letter Saturday. He faces five other candidates in the June 3 primary, but his biggest opponent may be his signature accomplishment -- the WGA strike -- whose effect remains hotly debated.

Verrone, an Emmy-winning writer on late-night shows and animation programs including Futurama, is also a lawyer admitted to practice in California and Florida. ...

The 2008 writers' strike ended up helping the Directors Guild of America leverage a New Media deal that other unions and guilds (including this one) have followed.

Mr. Verrone's two terms as WGAw President were filled with activism, and there's still debate inside the Guild and out whether the '07-'08 strike helped WGA writers or hurt them. But we wish Mr. Verrone well in his quest for legislative office.


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