Monday, March 24, 2014


Today Yours Truly was walking through the state capitol with other IA reps, talking to legislators and their aides about the movie and tv tax incentive bill that is only now wending its way through the Assembly and the Senate here in Sacramento. ...

Why does California need an expanded tax incentive bill? Since we already have a modest tax incentive program in place? Here's one of the reasons:

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed legislation that authorizes substantial tax incentives for [film production that includes post production and visual effects]. Specifically, qualifying film productions are eligible for a 30 percent tax credit on post-production expenses across New York State, and an additional 5 percent credit for areas outside the metropolitan New York City area. ...

California is seeing its film production infrastructure unravel, even as Georgia builds dozens of new sound stages and New York welcomes more television production because of tax incentive programs. The only thing California has at present are low-budget features and reality television. And visual effects? We know what's happening there, don't we?

All of us made forceful arguments that the way to keep California's movie studios and talent pool intact is to match what New York, Georgia and Louisiana are doing. The State Assembly appears to be on board, but the State Senate might be needing some convincing.

(The Chief of Staff of one assembly person told us we'd better have all our arguments lined up like trained ducks if we expected to prevail. "Northern California legislators need to be sweet-talked to vote help Southern California businesses." I said that ILM, Pixar, and PDI weren't southern California businesses.)


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