Friday, March 21, 2014

TAG 401(k) Plan Changes

This will be of interest to TAG members.

Yesterday, TAG 401(k) Plan trustees voted to change the Animation Guild's plan administrator. For the past several years the Plan has used Mass Mutual to administer day-to-day operations. Beginning this summer, Vanguard Mutual Funds will take over that function. ...

This change came about because Plan trustees have been focusing on service and costs. They've determined, after a lengthy vetting process, that Vanguard's service level, funds and overall cost structure best suit the Plan's needs.

There will be changes in the Plan going forward; we believe the changes will enhance participants' investments.


mark pudleiner said...

Quick question.

With this change will there be any thing the TAG 401{k} investor will have to do when this switch takes place ?

Thanks for any info
- Mark

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