Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Money Machine

Small wonder that Robert Iger was praising Frozen's virtues at yesterday's stockholder meeting.

Underscoring the popularity of Frozen, Disney said Wednesday that it has sold 3.2 million units of the movie on Blu-ray and DVD on March 18, its first day of sales.

The company believes it will be one the biggest titles released in home entertainment in the last decade. Following its debut on digital HD and digital 3D on Feb. 25, it quickly became the fastest-selling digital release of all time, according to the studio. ...

Disney will soon be able to open its own mint. From this one animated feature.


Jeremy Darensbourg said...

Walt had Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs, The Renaiassance had The Lion King & today we have Frozen. These are once in a generation films. Frozen is just $32million away from being the #1 animated film of all time. While Snow White is #1 when adjusted for inflation.

David said...

And with the great box-office success of Frozen I hope it doesn't become a millstone around their neck like The Lion King did. After Lion King's big box-office numbers every film that came after was measured against it (in terms of box-office) and it was definitely a "thing" at the studio that led to feelings of inadequacy if a picture under-performed (i.e. did not meet or approach Lion King box-office numbers ). For whatever reason Frozen captured the public imagination this time out , but the public is fickle. With the next singing teenager movie they may just yawn and look for something else. I hope the management doesn't make Frozen's numbers the new standard by which an animated feature is expected to achieve every time out at the box-office.

Jeremy Darensbourg said...

I don't see the other studios trying to mimick Frozen. They have their own franchies to work with. Pixar has sequeals to Nemo, The Incredibles & Cars coming in the next few years, Dreamworks has sequeals to How To Train Your Dragon, Kung-Fu Panda & a Madagascar spin-off, Blue Sky has Rio 2 & The Peanuts property & Illumination as more Minions films coming up. We may not see another Princess Musical for a while unless Disney Animation offically announces Frozen 2 or Giants.

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