Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cartoon Network Projects

My Wednesday afternoon was idled away at Cartoon Network, in the heart of Burbank Village. I dropped off 401(k) books to Human Resources and inquired after what t.v. series were going, and which weren't. (We've been doing this studio-production review for sixteen years. Up until the last six months, it all happened in TAG's newsletter. Now it happens here)...

"Billy and Mandy" is wrapping up its sixth and final season. Before they put sweet little Mandy in mothballs, however, the studio will be swan-songing with an 80-minute "B & M" special.

I'm informed that most of the "Mandy/William" crew will be transitioning over to the new Cartoon Network series "Chowder."

"Class of 3000" is now whipping along with its second season of shows.

The ever-popular "Camp Lazlo" will start its fifth season of new episodes (a total of eight in January, with the hope of five more to soon follow.)

The not-so-popular "Squirrel Boy" completes its second and last season in January.

On the other hand, "My Gym Partner is a Monkey" is already underway with Season #4.

Lastly, that fine old 'droid named "Transformers" launches again -- no doubt to tie in with the new Michael Bay live-action opus of the same name that's coming in '07. This rendition will have new episodes under the producership of Vince Davis.


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