Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Tuesday Trifecta

I don't know if it's because it's election day, or I got up extra early, or because I've had an overdose of Vitamin E, but I hit a lot of studios today...

Over at Starz Media/Film Roman's "King of the Hill" unit (at the old Chandler Boulevard location in picturesque North Hollywood), work continues on the next 22 episodes of "KOH." The staff is happy because many have been extended through the Christmas-New Year's holiday into January and February. The crew's now boarding episodes #17, #18, etc. When the full season of 22 half-hours is complete, production brass hope that Fox will be ready to okay all or part of another season of "Hill." One board artist told me: "Our producers think we'll get a pick-up, but Fox always plays things close to the vest. They never tell us anything until they're ready to."

Disney Feature Animation now has a bright and shiney coffee/expresso/frappucino bar at the top of the hat building's central second-floor stairs. It's been under construction awhile, but it's now completed, and offers a vivid presence. What struck me when I climbed from the first floor were all the big hanging lights above large tables, and all the new carpeting. (If I had a picture of the space, I would post it. Maybe later.)

Disney Toons over on Sonora in Glendale continues work on "Little Mermaid III," which has been well-received by the test audiences who've seen it. It's been so well-received that the creators are adding scenes to punch it up even more. Toons is currently casting about for a title that's is a trifle snappier than "Little Mermaid III." (On another sequel note: I was told by Toon employees that "Tinker Bell," Diz Toons' CGI "Peter Pan" sequel, was viewed by John Lasseter yesterday. Whether Mr. Lasseter liked it or not, I've no idea.)


Benjamin De Schrijver said...

Why would you add scenes if the audience really likes the film the way it is? Kind of reminds me of a lot of those new cuts on DVD's, where the new scenes add nothing and the whole pace is drawn out of the movie.

Of course, I haven't seen it yet, so who knows? Plus, it's for kids, so the new stuff might entertain them for an extra 10 min. and the parents would probably like that.

Looking forward to seeing a picture of that bar... sounds real nice.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if any of the recent layoffs could have been avoided if they kept the coffee in the commisary. If only one.

Pessimistic Optimist said...

How about "AGAIN, THE GIRL WITH NO LEGS" or is that too "New York" as one executive liked to say? Or, how about "THE GIRL WHO COULD BREATH WATER AND NOT DIE" since it doesn't look as if she is going away any time soon. Or... who cares?

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