Saturday, November 25, 2006

Turkey Holiday Box Office

Through Thursday, the penguins duked it out with James Bond for bragging rights to the top spot for North American box office. And through Thursday, the penguins came up a trifle short...

Box Office Mojo has Casino Royale slotted at #1 with a total of $63,450,000. Happy Feet comes in at #2 with $62 million. Flushed Away now bobs along at #11 and a total of $51,550,000. (New releases Deja Vu and Deck the Halls enter the list and #3 and #4, respectively. Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny debuts at #10)

UPDATE: Mojo's Sunday chart shows that Happy Feet spent a second weekend at #1 and has now crossed the $100 million mark (curse those talking animals.) Casino Royale settles for the second slot and a $94,223,000 total.

Meanwhile, Flushed Away hangs in at #8, rising 16.3% as it collects $7,670,000 for a total of $57,366,000.


Anonymous said...

You called it, Steve!

"Happy Feet"... who'da thunk it? :-)

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