Friday, November 17, 2006

Will Penguins Triumph Once More?

Penguins helped Madagascar to become a theatrical (and dvd) winner; now box office guru expects penguins to propel Happy Feet into the stratosphere this weekend, anticipating a $40 million take on 3,804 screens. (And here is Box Office Mojo's prediction)...

The reviews for this new George Miller feature have been little short of rapturous, so we'll get to see how the ballyhoo helps HF perform across this pre-holiday weekend (and how Flushed Away holds up.) According to the pundits' recent conventional wisdom, it shouldn't do much, correct? I mean, it's just more talking animals like we've seen before, and there's an animation glut, and folks are just...well, satiated, aren't they? And didn't DreamWorks already do the penguin thing already?

Update: The Friday estimates are in, and to nobody's surprise, Casino Royale and Happy Feet finished 1-2, taking in $14,750,000 and $11,750,000 respectively. Borat dropped to third.

Update Again: Well, lookee here. Happy Feet collects $42.3 million -- just what BM Mojo thought. (See President Koch's commentary, above.) Although the film is second in per-screen average, $42 million is still a nice round number, no?

But it's a movie about talking animals!! What about the godd*mn GLUT?!!


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