Friday, November 03, 2006

Nickelodeon on Thursday

Nickelodeon's Cartoon Studio -- on Olive Ave. in Burbank -- isn't as filled up as it usually is, but its production slate is growing...

When I was over there Thursday, cubicles at the front of Nick's rambling white building were empty, and work crews were refurbishing some empty offices. Even so, the place has a lot of different shows still in the process of happening, as we mentioned here in September. But there's some new info:

Since that last report, the new series "Super Scout" (its working title) has been greenlit for twenty episodes.

"Mi Hao Kai Lan" "Diego," "El Tigre," "Tak," "Random Cartoons" and "Avatar" continue in work.

One of the staffers on "Avatar" told me that they were on the third season, churning toward forty episodes, and have been told that Nick wants to do sixty. (It's good to have long-term, steady employment.)

No Nick execs appear to be taking any R & R. They all seemed to be in their offices toiling away when I walked through Thursday morning.


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