Monday, November 20, 2006

Robert Iger's On a Roll

Robert Iger -- former television weatherman and current Disney CEO -- has had a good year. I know it's been a good year because two longtime friends who bought a mess of Pixar stock a few years ago voiced satisfaction over their new mess of Disney stock. And how well is that stock performing? I went and checked...

The company's shares have rocketed by 42% in 12 months - making them second only to General Motors among Wall Street's top performing blue-chip stocks of the year.

There's been speculation in the press and on this blog that Disney paid far too much for Pixar, but nobody would know it from the Mouse House's stock valuation. Since Michael Eisner departed, it's been robust.

So much for the prophecy I heard from a Disney lawyer two years ago that Bob Iger wouldn't amount to much as Eisner's successor. (I guess that's why the gentleman practices law; he's not so good at predicting the future.)


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