Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Simpsons" Feature Continues to Rev Up...

Today was my visit to the first floor of the Starz Media/Film Roman -- housed in a big yellow building next to the Valley airport where Snoop Dog was recently taken into custody.

A large part of the first floor is given over to "The Simpson's Movie," and every time I stroll through, there seems to be more artists bent over light boards, a louder buzz of activity. The tempo is definitely picking up, and the staff told me a whole lot of people have been okayed to work Saturdays until Thanksgiving...

The "Simpsons" writing team over at Gracie Films has now produced a couple dozen revisions of the script -- improving, adding, pruning, tightening -- and production is working to ship more scenes to the overseas production studio on a weekly basis. (It knows it has to -- the July 2007 release date isn't changing. And as time slides by, that hard reality tends to concentrate minds.)

People working upstairs on the television episodes continue to assume that they will, at some point, be shifted down to the movie the assist in getting it out.


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