Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Universal Chugs Along

Universal Cartoon Studios resides on the 25th floor of Universal's "black tower" on Lankershim Boulevard in North Hollywood. The black skyscraper is kind of forbidding, but the studio halfway up its interior is actually pleasant, relaxed, inviting.

Tom Ruzicka, formerly of Disney Television Animation, is the captain of the 25th floor, and currently he presides over the 13th DVD feature of Land Before Time, 26 episodes of a TV series with the same name, and the beginnings of a second season of Curious George.(21 new episodes, I think. But I could be off.)

The studio is also considering doing a second Curious George feature for home video. So all in all, Universal has a number of things percolating along. They're not big, but lately they are steady.

I mention all this because UCS was the studio I visited Monday afternoon. (The nice thing about being the cartoon union rep, is there is always a cartoon studio somewhere around to visit.)


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