Monday, October 23, 2006

Types I have known, by John Sparey: Jacques and Fred

When Floyd Norman started at Disney, his neighbor in the bullpen was Jacques Charvet (left, below the fold) ...

... who, as Floyd points out in this article, was affectionately known as "the crazy Frenchman". Two days after the birth of his child in 1958, Charvet was yet another casualty of the post-Sleeping Beauty layoffs. He seems to have dropped out of the business until the mid-1970s when he went to Hanna-Barbera as an assistant animator, eventually being promoted to layout. He was working at Filmation when he passed away in 1983.

Like Don McPherson and Don Christiansen in our last John Sparey post, Fred Cooper (right) left Disney in 1957. He worked in Europe and NYC for a few years before returning to LA and an assistant gig at DePatie-Freleng. He picked up from DFE and Hanna-Barbera for a few years after that, before taking a withdrawal in 1968 to move to Santa Maria and become a high-school art teacher.


Anonymous said...

I was pleasantly surprised to find this blog about me. Good to know that John Spary is still about. Would love to correspond to go over old times etc. I'd appreciate if anyone who knows John could forward my e-mail to him to do so.

my e-mail is:

All my best,

Fred Cooper

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