Sunday, October 08, 2006

"Open Season" Gunned Down by Nicholson, DeCaprio and Damon

As you can see here, "Open Season" fell out of first place as "The Departed" rolled into town...

Sony Picture Animation's first animated feature has now gathered in $32.5 million, per "Box Office Mojo." As of Friday, it resided at #4 on the Big Movie List. We'll see if that remains its rank by the end of the weekend...

Sunday Addendum: Open Season pulled up to number 3 for the weekend, dropping a respectable 32% for an estimated $16 million, and a total of just over $44 million. Barnyard (up to $70.7 million) and Everyone's Hero (just under $14 million total) are the only other animated films registering on the list of estimates, and they're pretty much played out.


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