Thursday, October 19, 2006

"See Jane" panel soundtrack

For those of you who weren't able to attend the See Jane panel last week, TAG board member Karen Nugent has supplied us with an audio track of the first half-hour of the meeting. It's unfortunate that we don't have the whole two hours, but this will give you a good idea of the issues discussed, and the tone of the event . . .

Click below to play; the sound file is in two parts (the second part is very brief). The sound is audible but not crystalline. Geena Davis's first sentence is cut off, as well as a sentence at the end. The voices you'll hear are (in order) GEENA DAVIS, moderator KEVIN KOCH, FRED SEIBERT, JILL CULTON, BRENDA CHAPMAN, JENNY LEREW, and DEAN DE BLOIS.

Part 1:

powered by ODEO

Part 2:

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Here's the written summary of the panel.


Anonymous said...

COOL!!! Please post more audio like these in the future when possible! Thanks! Now I can work and get goodies in my ear at the sametime. :)

Andrea said...

Thank you.

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