Sunday, October 29, 2006

"Open Season" Keeps Truckin'

The third installment of "Saw" takes in a huge sum on Friday (not unusual for a new installment of a lucrative horror franchise), but "Open Season" clings to the fifth position...

The flick's running total (and we're talking about "OS", not the scare fest in #1) is now $72.7 million, and it looks like it's going to get within hailing distance of the century mark in the not-distant future. How it holds up when "Flushed Away" rolls out nationwide is anyone's guess.

Sunday Update: "OS" collects another $6.1 million, running its total to $77,357,000. With a decline of only 25.3% this weekend to last, Sony Picture Animation's maiden effort has the smallest down-tick of any of the top five pictures for the weekend.


Anonymous said...

I saw "Open Season" a few weeks ago and was pleasantly surprised by how good the art direction was. Sure, the script was somewhat pedestrian, suffering from the typical sitcom-style, ironic-humoured dialogue that seems to have infested most of the animated fare of the last decade, but the visuals somehow transcended that mediocrity.

The character styling and animation had a strong traditional, hand-drawn sensibility. Even the backgrounds displayed a more painterly, less photorealistic approach. Not only the cast of animals were well designed, but they were rivaled by some first-rate human character designs too; somewhat rare in these CG films. The villainous hunter looked like some big goon out of a Chuck Jones "Bugs Bunny" cartoon - just terrific design! I also quite liked the little American Indian sheriff's design too. My sincere congratulations to all who were involved in the visuals of "Open Season" - great work!

Gradually the CG animated films seem to be getting the hang of better visual appeal to their art direction. Of course, there's still the upcoming "Shrek III" which persists in awkward and bland character designs whose audience appeal I have yet to comprehend.....

Anonymous said...

It's in the humour, man!

That white bronco bit on Shrek 2...briliant!

I do agree with the design shortcomings of Shrek though...but 'Over The Hedge' looks way better and so does the animation.

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