Saturday, October 14, 2006

Types I have known, by John Sparey: Don and Dave

This morning, a comparative Google search yielded the following results:

  • "John Sparey" animation: 609 hits.
  • "Don Bluth" animation: ...

238,000 hits. One of which was my previous posting about this always-controversial filmmaker.


The above caricature of Bluth (left) appeared in The Animated Films of Don Bluth by John Cawley. (As I've said before, Don was the man under whom I trained as a new Disney employee in late '76 and early '77. He was an up and coming tyro then, being groomed as Woolie Reitherman's replacement. This drawing shows Don in his earlier Disney incarnation -- when he was a youngster working on "Sleeping Beauty" -- and much further down the Mouse House's pecking order than he was in the 1970s..)

I also previously posted about Dave Suding (right), in connection with another John Sparey cartoon. Dave spent most of his career at Disney -- from the 'fifties until his retirement after "Hercules" in '97. Dave and his wife now make their home in Laguna Beach.

More of John Sparey's artwork.


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