Saturday, October 21, 2006

Animated Weekend Box Office

"Flags of Our Fathers" gets the critical hossanahs and "The Prestige" gets the top spot as "Open Season" drops to #7, taking in $2,125,00 on Friday, its 22nd day of release. And an animated Golden Oldie makes a reappearance in the Top Ten...

"Open Season" has now gathered in $63,727,000 on its way (prospectively?) to $95 or $100 million.

And the Tim Burton/Henry Sellick holiday chestnut "Nightmare Before Christmas" opens at #9 ($1,225,000) in 168 Imax theatres. In its three-dimensional incarnation -- courtesy of ILM -- it gathers $7,292 per venue. Which makes "Nightmare," on a screen-by-screen basis, the highest grosser by far on Friday. ("Oh Jaa-acck!?")

Sunday Addendum: With the little ones out of school for the weekend, Open Season roared up to fourth place for this round, bagging $8 million with a mere 28% drop from the previous weekend (and a $69 million total).

Nightmare in 3-D nailed 12th with $3.28 million and the highest per screen average by a wide margin. Whether it's on DVD or in re-release, animation is the gift that keeps on giving (to the studios at least).


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