Friday, October 06, 2006

John Sparey's Types I Have Known: Ed and I

With all the caricatures of artists by John Sparey we've been posting, you might be wondering what the artist himself looks like ...

So here's the artist himself, on the right, comparing self-caricatures with Ed Solomon. John says that's Ed's self-caricature that he drew into the page that he's holding.

Regarding Mr. Solomon*: Ed started at Mintz in 1935 and worked for MGM and Lantz before coming to Disney in the late 'forties. He left Disney in 1958 and spent the rest of his career making the rounds of just about every studio in town, before retiring in 1981. He received the Guild's Golden Award in 1985 (he's right behind Volus Jones in this photo). He died later that same year.

*There's another Ed Solomon in the entertainment biz: writer/director Ed Solomon, perhaps best known for co-writing "Men in Black."


Anonymous said...

As the daughter of Ed Solomon, I am so excited and touched to see this posting and the picture of my beloved Dad. It brings back so many memories of the drawings that I have of his caricature of himself. It is wonderful to find that he is still remembered fondly by his peers...

Thank you,
Sydney Solomon Bowling

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