Monday, October 30, 2006

DreamWorks Strong Slate

A report from Jessica Reif Cohen at Merril Lynch is touting DreamWorks upcoming roster of films as a reason to be bullish on the company's stock...

"In a report titled "Shrekilicious" she upgraded DreamWorks (DWA-NYSE) shares to a "buy" from a "neutral" and set a 12-month share price target of $31 (U.S.). The shares closed Friday at $25.65...."

So the analysts on Wall Street think DreamWorks is going to have a good run with most or all of its upcoming films, and its stock will be moving up quite a bit (so buy now!) I would definitely bet on the "Shrek" and "Madagascar" follow-ups as doing big business. As to the others, there's a lot more competition in the marketplace than there was as recently as two years ago, so I don't think anyone can assume that every movie that rolls out of an animation studio is automatically going to be a monster hit.

We get to look at "Flushed Away" and its opening weekend numbers in six short days. Will "Open Season" hold up? Will "FA" triumph? It won't be long before we have an answer.


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