Thursday, October 12, 2006

Where the girls work


For tonight's "Where The Girls Aren't" panel at the Buena Vista Branch Library in Burbank, we've put together some statistics on the employment of women at Guild shops.

The figures below represent percentages of Guild members employed at Guild shops. As such, we can't claim these numbers represent the industry as a whole. The categories with asterisks are only partially represented by us at Guild shops, and the numbers should be looked at accordingly.

It should also be noted that we are at the mercy of our employers to give us accurate data on who is working, and in what categories. Our staff spends a lot of time making sure the studios are keeping up with status slips, but at the end of the day our information is only as accurate as what the studios tell us.

Producers*: 8.0% (2 of 25)

Directors*: 14.9% (20 out of 134)

Writers*: 10.8% (10 out of 93)

Art directors: 11.1% (2 out of 18)

Visual development: 13.1% (8 out of 61)

Story art: 13.8% (51 out of 370)

Layout: 17.8% (41 out of 230)

Model designers (characters & props): 21.4% (36 out of 168)

Background: 25.6% (34 out of 133)

2D animation: 21.3% (50 out of 235)

3D animators and modellers: 13.0% (47 out of 362)

Compositors: 29.2% (21 out of 72)

Tech directors: 13.8% (42 out of 304)

Checkers, etc.: 34.0% (35 out of 103)


Industry-wide: 17.3% (399 out of 2,308)


Anonymous said...

Can someone post photos of the event?

Kevin Koch said...

Ask and ye shall receive . . .

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