Sunday, October 15, 2006

Warner Bros. Animation -- Future Doings

Warners Animation has been in semi-hibernation the last few months; last week a mucky-muck at WBA explained why that was...

The studio, headquartered in Sherman Oaks these last seventeen years, will be moving back to Burbank and settling onto the Warner Ranch in a matter of months. It doesn't, apparently, want to get a huge amount of production going before the move, and so will put off producing several series and DVD features until it's returned to the east San Fernando Valley.

(Right now they are doing a super-hero project. I'm told there will be more of these, plus multiple series, after the relocation.)


Anonymous said...

Nice to know that they think about there production people when decisions like this are made! I just hope I'm still here to get a job when the spirit moves them to produce something again. They've been changing the date of there projected move for months now.

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