Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Info needed on Finnish-American cartoonists

Our Executive Board member Stephan Zupkas is working with historian Ilpo Lagerstedt to find information about cartoonists Veve Risto, Kosti Ruohomaa, and any others of Finnish ancestry.

If you can be of any assistance, call Stephan at (818) 504-6974, or mail directly to the historian:

Ilpo Lagerstedt Ulvilantie 29/2H 101 00350 Helsinki FINLAND

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hey wait, I thought a great piece of artwork was never "Finnish'd" but rather; abandoned....


Anonymous said...

I recall doing assistant animation on at least one of Risto's scenes in early 1978 at Hanna-Barbera, as part of the last major chunk of U.S. in-country animation done for series television. Risto seemed to have drawn with a very soft and unsharp brown pencil, but the line of action was all there. Risto would've been quite elderly then, so there's no telling if he drew that scene in good health or eyesight.

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