Tuesday, January 02, 2007

401(k) Year Starts

This is a narrow-cast to TAGers wanting to jump into the TAG 401(k) Pension Plan at the beginning of '07 (all others, avert your eyes)...

We've extended the enrollment deadline for new 401(k) enrollees and participants wanting to change their contribution percentages out to Friday, January 5th, 2007.

So. If you want to sock money away in '07, the door hasn't yet slammed on the first quarter of the new year. The contribution cap for the 2007 is $15,500 for anyone under fifty, and $20,500 for anyone who turns fifty (or is -- shudder! -- even older) this year.

Happy Investing.


Anonymous said...

how do i change my contribution!

Steve Hulett said...

Fill out a form and check "Change my Percentage Contribution" at the top. Fill in the new contribution percentage. Sign the signature block in the back. Get the form into the office by Friday.

And if you have questions, call the office.

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