Friday, January 05, 2007

Sponge Bob Adds Episodes


This week I ricochet from studio to studio with my bag of 401(k) booklets and my happy smile. I also pick up a few factoids from hither and yon:

At Nick, the Bobster adds an additional thirteen episodes as Nick/Viacom greenlights a new season (with perhaps more episodes to follow)...

At DisneyToons, the long-gestating Tinkerbell separates its Burbank-based cgi animation staff from service as the DVD feature returns to the drawing board. Most of the animation was being done at the Indian Studio Prana, but a small animation group was housed on the Burbank lot.

A chunk of animation was completed prior to the film's return to Square One. Where that footage ultimately ends up? Anyone's guess, I suppose. I won't hazard any.



Anonymous said...

greenlighting more spongebob is a desperate move if they retain the same crew as this last season. the quality of the show has dipped well below average. the jokes are feeble, there is far too much dialogue, and the characters aren't even behaving like themselves.

maybe its time for Nick to look outside their incestuous little circle of artists, because the creativity isn't there like it was.

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