Thursday, January 11, 2007

El Studio Roundabout

Last week was slow, what with the short workweek and lots of artists electing to extend the New Year's holiday. This week, I've padded through three studios to find projects at less than a full boil...

At Warner Bros. Animation, a direct-to-video feature entitled The New Frontier is in progress, a Troop-of-Superheroes type thing, but don't ask me who the Superheroes are, since I don't keep up with who's who in the pantheon of caped crusaders. WBA is waiting for greenlights on various series projects.

(A topic of conversation was Iwao Takomoto being at the studio last week, and what a shock it was when people found out that he died this past Monday...)

At DisneyToons, work continues on Mermaid III, much of which is shipped, and the Fairies Trilogy (which is undergoing shifts as Tinkerbell goes through changes....)

At Cartoon Nework, the studio has a goodly number of 11-minute shorts in work; there's a good chance that some of these will end up series.


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