Saturday, January 13, 2007

"Arthur and the Invisibles: D.O.A.?

It appears that Arthur and the Invisibles has plunged into the land of Doogal rather than Hoodwinked for the Weinstein brothers. As goes the Academy of Motion Picture arts and sciences, so goes the U.S. of A.


The Friday box office charts have Arthur at #10 with a per-screen average of $414, and $930,000 in total revenues. Ouch.

That other live-action/animation hybrid, the ever-popular Night at the Museum, was displaced from numero uno by Stomp the Yard. It now resides at #2 and a $172,781,000 box office total.

Update: Night at the Museum declined 28% to the place position (#2), taking in $17.1 million and a total of $185,756,000.

Arthur and the Invisibles ended up at #9 and a $4.3 million take in its opening weekend. Using Dr. Koch's Box Office Calculator (tm), Arthur will pull down somewhere between twelve and twenty million dollars by the end of its run (a far cry from its box office in France.)


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