Friday, January 12, 2007

Arthur Dead To The Academy, But Maybe Not to America

The Weinstein Co. rolls out Arthur and the Invisibles this weekend in its American debut (the picture is already cleaning up in France). For the Weinsteins, this is their latest foray into animated features, Hoodwinked being the first. We'll see if America welcomes this French production with open arms. As Kevin posted a few days ago, and Daily Variety reports today, the Motion Picture Academy won't be:

It seems that Luc Besson's "Arthur and the Invisibles" will be invisible to the Acadmey of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' list of eligible pics for the animation film Oscar.

In a rare reverse decision, the Acad has disqualified the Weinstein Co. entry because of a disproportionate percentage of live action to animation. Academy rules state that for a film to be eligible in the animation category, no less than 75% of its running time must be animated.

Decision will have widespread ramifications, as the number of eligible animated films drops from 16 to 15, meaning only three pics can be nominated...

So with the trade press catching up to this story, I'm wondering if the Weinsteins (shy and retiring moguls that they are) will take this affront lying down?


Anonymous said...

this is weinsteins 3rd animation thing, not second. How could you forget about Doogal? :D

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