Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Inside Frank Wells (the building that is)

Popped over to the Frank Wells Building on the Disney lot, where chunks of Disney Television Animation and Disney Toons are housed. (The Glendale facility on Sonora is being prepared to house all of DisneyToons up on the second floor, but some of Disney TVA -- I'm told -- will remain at the FWB.)

Phineas and Ferb is in full creative flower, having been picked up for an additional 13 episodes beyond the original 13. And The Replacements, exec produced by the talented and affable Jack Thomas, has been picked up for a second season of eighteen episodes (this will bring the total count to 39 half-hours when they're done...)

Tinker Bell is now being reworked in script form. New boards will take shape (so I'm told) over the next few months. As Jim Hill queried back in December:

"Well, if it's so crucial that 'The Tinkerbell Movie' has to be great, then why don't the folks at Disney Consumer Products just ask John Lasseter & the guys from Pixar to come over & consult on their 'Disney Fairies' movie?," ...

Of course, the above was done (prescient, that Mr. Hill). And here we are.

Folks over at FWB seem more upbeat than the last time I cruised through. Series pickups (with steady work lasting for months) will do that to people.


Unknown said...

take a look at the talented Vincent Martella who plays Phineas!!


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