Monday, January 15, 2007

So...Cars Wins the Oscar?

Tonight John Lasseter picked up a Golden Globe for Cars in the Globes first-ever animated feature category.

So does this mean Cars has a lock on the Oscar?


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would say so.

Anonymous said...

Not until it wins the Annie, which has a 100% track record with the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.

Anonymous said...

I thought "Cars" was WAY under-rated, especially upon repeated viewings. The thing that seemed to bug people was the point of the whole movie: slowing down. But the CHARACTERS are so strong and appealing.

I didn't care much for "Open Season" as a film, but thought it LOOKED great! As a film it felt "committeed" to death, especially by the producers/management at Sony, who only know how to "manage" a film, not how to create one.

Anonymous said...

i thought "Cars" was completely OVER rated. it was completely bogged down with too much dialogue, there were no unexpected twists or turns - i could see what was going to happen next a mile away, the characters were shallow caricatures, and the whole movie was sorely lacking in humor.
plus - the James Taylor song montage was so sacharine that even little kids in the theater were rolling their eyes and throwing their heads back.

i think one of two things:
either Pixar didn't throw a full effort into that movie for part of its production because it was going to be their last film for Eisner led Disney, or John Lasseter has become too overly sentimental as the years have passed.

regardless, i'll be first in line to see the next film they release. this years other awards contenders don't jump out at me either.

Anonymous said...

Well, you're in the extreme minority. The film was the second highest grossing film of the year, and has made over 2 billion in toy sales as well, making it one of the most successful animated films in history.

Anonymous said...

i'm also in the extreme minority that i don't watch "American Idol".
...but that doesn't make my opinion that it is a shameless display of humiliation and slop any less valid.
if majority rule was the single measure of attributing merit then McDonalds would be considered our culture's finest cuisine.

thankfully the Oscars don't give awards based on box office receipts and toy sales.

Anonymous said...

"Pixar didn't throw a full effort into that movie for part of its production because it was going to be their last film for Eisner led Disney"

Yes, as soon as the Doc Hollywood storyline was revealed I felt that this was a softball they were throwing to fulfill that initial contract.

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