Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Day's Disney Brief

Friday's studio visit was to the hat building, with me toting my usual bag of 401(k) books from floor to floor...

Weeks ago, I looked at the list of departing staffers the Mouse House had sent over, so I knew that some board artists were leaving along with animators and tech directors. And if I'd spent more time studying it, I would have known the areas of story development that were being cut. But when I saw the empty cubes on the third floor, it hit me that Joe Jump's the picture being trimmed back the most. An artist in the building said because Jump is the film farthest back on the production tarmac, that some of the staff on it were being released.

Elsewhere, a Disneyite told me that contrary to various rumors, Rapunzel remains a CGI feature in three dimensions, not a hand-drawn specimen. And yet another employee said the development crew is steadily boarding sequences on Frog Princess. So maybe the whole flick will be up on reels in the not overly distant future.


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