Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hogging Ticket Receipts

It's a Harley D kind of a weekend, what with two motorcycle pictures in the Box Office Top Ten.

Wild Hogs thunders over a pack of negative revues to grab the top spot with an $11 million Friday take. That other cycle movie Ghost Rider drops to #3 and a $3 million box office gross....

And the Csupo extravaganza Bridge to Terabitha drops to fifth place. Gabor's debut flick has now grossed $51.3 million domestically.

(More as the weekend progresses.)

The weekend totals are in, and Wild Hogs rakes in $38 million. Motorcycles are hot!

Gabor C. keeps truckin'. Bridge to Terabitha comes in at #4 (and a 40% crop) while running its domestic total to $57.9 million.

Night at the Museum descends to #14, taking in $1.5 million as it does so. The new total: $243.5 million.

And Happy Feet still taps along. It might be at #31, but it has climbed to $194.7 million. Is Warners nudging it along to $200 million? Now that it has an Oscar to help it?


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