Friday, March 23, 2007

The NEXT Collision of Animated Features

The usual "We're in the middle of a glut" press mantra seems to have faded a bit, but two cgi features will get released within a week of each another, TMNT and Meet the Robinsons. And we'll get to see whether the foreign-made turtles beats out the domestically produced Wilbur Robinson at the nation's cineplexes.

My guess is that both features will rake in cash, but for different reasons.

"Turtles" is a pre-sold property. Its live-action predecessors did well, its hand-drawn teevee version is still out there in permanent syndication. But "Robinsons" has a different dynamic:

Disney successfully experimented with 3-D in its 2005 animation "Chicken Little," which was released primarily in 2-D. The 84 screens that showed the film in a special 3-D format grossed three times the average of national box office sales for the original version. Still, despite the format's popularity, too few 3-D equipped screens existed to make a huge impact on the national level. Since then, the number of 3-D screens in the country has increased. "Meet the Robinsons" will be shown in the new format in 600 theaters in almost every major U.S. city, and has the potential to shake up the industry.

So there you have it. The established brand-name franchise going against a time-travel epic in eye-popping 3-D.

Which, do you think, will end up on top?


Anonymous said...

Saw "Robinsons" in 3D. It's a fins little film, but nothing spectacular. Everyone who worked on it should be proud, and I'm looking forward to see what they do next now that idiots like Stainton an Morril are gone.

The 3D, however, is pretty lame. It dims the image, butchers the color, and strains the eyes to the point of being headache inducing. A good portion of the audience I saw it with kept taking their glasses off to rest their eyes.

For this reason alone, should the film not do well, I'll be glad if they blame the 3D rather than the film. How about making the movie going experience something worth spending money on, instead of changing the subject with 3D?


Anonymous said...

Captain 3D

Hmm where did you see it? Not with this person I think...

"...Disney 3D. If you get the chance to see the Robinsons this way, do
it. This has got to be one of the most spectacular visual experiences
of my life. "

Anonymous said...

i do not expect this film to be what they are hoping for.

Steve Hulett said...

Having not seen it in either mono or stereo, I've got no idea how much the 3-D will plus it, box office wise.

Anonymous said...

Why is everyone pretending 'Meet the Robinsons' is going to be any good?
Disney no longer knows how to make entertainment. They know how to make products... unsuccessful ones at that.
This movie is awful. 'Chicken Little' was awful. 'Rapunzel' will be awful, 'The Frog Princess' will be awful.
Disney. Is. Awful.

Anonymous said...

Your posts are awful. Roy, unless you have something to say, save your breath, eh?

Anonymous said...

Anybody else thinks the designs look generic?

Anyway, Roy might have been a little too negative, but I kinda agree with him....


Anonymous said...

I saw Meet the Robinsons and I loved it!! It's very inspiring and Wilbur is so cool XD

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