Tuesday, March 13, 2007

MGM Artwork From ASIFA

Allow us to pivot away from the type-centric posts we've been doing here and link to ASIFA's MGM artwork, a chunk of which is seen on the right -- click on the Tom and Jerry drawing for a larger (and cleaner) picture.

It's always good to remember that before Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera got into television animation in a big way, they were copping beaucoup Oscars for the shorts they turned out at the "Tiffany of Studios" (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer).

And I'll echo what ASIFA says on its blog: "If you know from which shorts these drawings spring, sing out."


Anonymous said...

Great stuff - it is important to remember that Bill and Joe turned out some of the best animation ever done.

Steve Hulett said...

My father (b.g. artist Ralph Hulett) much preferred the H-B theatrical shorts to the television shows. He said to me once:

"You get real tired of seeing that bear (meaning Yogi) talk out of the side of his face..."

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful stuff and reminds me why I went in this business in the first place!

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