Monday, March 19, 2007

Teenage Mutants...and Other Turtles

Walking out of the AMC Sunday afternoon, my wife and I spied a long line of parents and kids lined up. I stopped to ask "So what's the flick?" A Mom told me "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

Which means they're having an early Burbank screening of the upcoming CGI feature. This pup was animated in Hong Kong at the Imagi Studios -- the same outfit that propelled DreamWorks' CG series "Father of the Pride" to life a couple of years back -- and if the crowds of elementary school kids outside AMC are any indication, it might make some coin.

TMNT is a Warners/Weinstein Co. release that rolls into theatres later this month. Those Weinsteins, they're into animation in a BIG way.


C.Edwards said...

I saw a screening of this yesterday in New York. The kids applauded when it was over. Apparently, they were the only ones who wrap their heads around that ridiculous plot.

The animation on the turtles was pretty good, though...

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