Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Latest B.O.

In box office estimates for Friday, 300 maintains its hold on the top spot (and the emnity of Iran) as it collects $10.2 million at the start of its second weekend....

Premonition, Sandra Bullock's new film, takes second spot with a $6,315,000 first-day opening.

And Gabor's Bridge to Terabithia collects $1.5 million as it slides to sixth position and a $71,290,000 total.

Update: 300 drops 56% but still hangs onto #1, garnering $31,185,000 for a $127,473,000 total in its second weekend.

The critically lambasted Wild Hogs cops $18,825,000 and crosses the $100 million marker.

Premonition ends up in third (but takes the second best per-screen average) for an $18 million opening weekend. Using Dr. Koch's box office calculator (patent pending), expect a $55-70 million gross from this mid-budger ($20 million) Bullock vehicle.

Bridge to Terabithia (#6) closes in on a $75 million gorss as it dips a mere 24.2% (the shallowest slide) in its latest frame. All power to Gabor!


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