Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mutants Overpower Ancient Warriors!

TMNT knocked 300 out of the top spot as the sword-wielding turtles -- resurrected by computer graphics -- slice off $8.6 million on Friday -- beating those other buff fighting machines from the Middle East by $2.6 million...

How the Ninja Turtles hold up through the rest of the weekend is anyone's guess, but after two decades as iconic cultural figures, the muscled amphibians still represent a formidable franchise. And put Hong Kong's Imagi studios solidly on the map.

BV's Wild Hogs dropped to #4 and Sandy Bullocks journey into the supernatural (Premonition) dropped to #6.

Final box office totals for newbies and holdovers arrive tomorrow...

Update: Turtles dredge up $25,450,000 at the North American box office, to take Numero Uno. Warners and Weinsteins score with yet another animated cgi feature, this one from Hong Kong (with a reputed $35 million budget.)

If the Koch box office calculator holds, TMNT will end up with a $75-$100 million box office take, and sizable profits. So the turtle franchise continues to be potent.

Elsewhere on this weekend's scorecard, 300 fell to #2 with a take of $20,510,000; Wild Hogs grossed $14,362,000 in 4th position, and Premonition suffered a slide to #6, gathering in $10.1 million for a total of $32.2 million.

Bridge to Terabithia, until now holding up stoutly, had a 55% drop (those ninja amphibians are murder) and how resides at #12 with $78.9 million in the coffers.


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