Friday, March 23, 2007

What? No Studio Reports?

Usually I have at least something about this studio or that. But this week I've got mostly nothing...

It was 401(k) meetings (now at an end) during most of the week. And also me walking around office to office and cubicle to cubicle with a lopsided smile catching people who missed the meetings: "Uh, you don't want a 401(k) enrollment book, do you?"

Fascinating stuff.

The most interesting studio visit was an ongoing negotiation with a non-signator studio where the producer let me know I was a creep for trying to organize his facility.

Being told you're a creep by your children is one thing. But getting told what a sh*t-heel you are by a non-union 'toon producer? It's not something you want to post in detail about on the internets.

At least, I don't.


Anonymous said...


You should.

At least - you should if all other pressures fail.

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