Sunday, March 25, 2007

Yes, he does go on vacation

Ninety percent of union workers in the U. S. receive paid vacations, versus seventy-eight percent of non-union workers. At an average of two weeks per year, the U.S. offers the second-lowest average yearly vacation time among industrialized countries. The Danes, Austrians, and Finns, for example, enjoy six weeks off. The Norwegians and French get to play for five weeks. The Brits, Swiss, and Irish savor a month off, while the Germans, who receive 24 days of base paid vacation may, over time, earn up to 15 weeks off each year!

As one of those unions that's helping weaken the national work ethic with such self-indulgent notions, every so often we kick Steve Hulett out the door for a week or so. While he's out of town, Kevin and I will be filling in here on the TAG Blog, and we'll be posting a few of Steve's thoughts that he left behind.

Don't forget, there's a membership meeting Tuesday night (March 27) at the IATSE Local 44 meeting hall, 12021 Riverside Drive in North Hollywood (one block east of Laurel Canyon, across from the Gelson's parking lot). Carla Fallberg will be hosting a panel on website design, and there will be elections for the District 2 convention. Pizza and refreshments at 6:30 pm, meeting starts at 7 pm.


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