Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday Studio Treks

Today found me hunching my bag of 401(k) books around to Nickelodeon and Universal Cartoon Studios. (Enrollment time has started again! Seems like only yesterday I was at this...)

At Nick, some of the series they're doing includes twenty 1/2 hours of The Mighty B, a newer show called Making Fiends (six 1/2 hours), twenty new installments of Fairly Odd Parents -- the series that keeps on giving -- and the ongoing Sponge Bob installments. There's also new Dora the Explorer episodes supplanting Diego on Nickelodeon's agenda.

I also encountered an artist who spent a bunch of years at Klasky-Csupo and waxed wistful about not having more hours in the Motion Picture Industry Pension Plan. And reminisced about Gabor C. being off in New Zealand shooting Bridge to Terabitha while the other creative half of the studio (Arlene K.) dealt with its downsizing.

I remarked that if you're the head of a shrinking 'toon studio, it's probably better to be off on the other side of the world shooting a movie while the place is imploding.

Over at Universal Cartoon Studios (my afternoon destination), the Land Before Time crew awaits word from Cartoon Network how the debut of LBT series went. (The first episode premiered at 9:30 this morning.)

Curious George, the series continues in work. And Land Before Time XII (that's the dvd feature) is selling well in various video outlets, so we might see a Land Before Time XIV (XIII is in work) before all life forms expire here on Planet Earth.


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