Friday, April 13, 2007

Animation Gluts and Thirty Day Windows

As I write, Meet the Robinsons is tracking along in second place at $60 million. (Uncle Will Ferrell owns the top spot and $76 million with Blades of Glory). And TMNT, the other CGI film in the marketplace, collects $48.5 million at #10, while it does the long fade...

But let us face it: There is only Meet the Robinsons out there making generous coin. Realistically, the Disney time-travel adventure has the center lane of the animation thruway all to itself.

For the next month. Then Shrek the Third happens, and that will be the end of Robinsons. Whatever money the Mouse House is still collecting in box office rentals will disappear as Shrek III sucks all oxygen and most carbon dioxide from the film distribution eco-system.

And that will last until Ratoutille appears on the scene on June 29. At that point the green ogre's trend line will drop more steeply, and we get to see if the latest Pixar entry can compete with a DreamWorks' tentpole.

The next animation glut. With floor-to-ceiling thirty-day windows.


Anonymous said...

Seems like a good year to be a kid. First, "Robinsons", then "Shrek3", "Tatatoue" and not to be forgotten "Transformers" and "Spiderman 3" for the slightly older kids...


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