Friday, April 20, 2007

Stop-Mo Expo!

Our friends at ASIFA-Hollywood are putting on a cool and unusual event tomorrow at Woodbury University in Burbank -- a one-day expo devoted to stop motion animation . . .

Here's a blurb from the ASIFA site:

The expo will be comprised of two distinct events: beginning at 9 a.m. panel discussions and seminars with animation professionals and at 6 p.m. a film festival that will showcase classic and current stop-motion animated films, including rare 16 mm stop-motion films from the collection of animation director Mark Kausler. Running concurrently with these two events will be a stop-motion animation jam, a unique feature where professionals, students and members of Movies By Kids will combine their talents to create a stop-motion film.

My sense is that there's a lot of interest in stop-mo animation these days. Given that Los Angeles isn't exactly a stop-motion center, and the quality of the panelists and guests, I'll bet this is a big hit.


Anonymous said...

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Steve Hulett said...

"Comments" was inadvertently turned off my yours truly while posting. (It's on again now.)

Kevin had nothing to do with it.

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