Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Big B.O.

A new animated entry debuts at #11 on the box office charts: The immortal Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters, picking up $1.5 million on opening night. Not bad for a film costing next to nothing...

Elsewhere in movieland, new entry Disturbia bumps Blades of Glory to #2, while freshman Perfect Stranger lands in the third position, shoving Meet the Robinsons down to #4.

And TMNT stalls at #15, with a $49 million cumulative take.

Update: As Variety points out, Disturbia took the frame with $23 million, but Robinsons and Blades held up nicely.

Will Ferrell drops only 37.6% to #2 and a $14 million weekend haul, and little Wilbur Robinson declines only 27.6% (the weekend's smallest drop) to gather in $12.1 million. Will and Wilbur now stand -- respectively -- at $90.2 million and $72 million.

Meanwhile, further downlist Aqua Teen Hunger Force (etc.) (#13) and TMNT (#15) have sucked up $3 million and $50.6 million. The Ninjas, however, had a big drop week-to-week, losing almost a thousand theaters as they plunge 56.4%.



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