Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Old Studio Round-About

Although I haven't thrown up a lot of posts about life inside the studios lately, I have been hiking in and out of same, just like always.

At Starz Media/Film Roman, work proceeds on The Simpsons feature, just like always. Animators who told me in December that their end dates were the end of January are still there. (Not a surprise, since over the hill at Gracie Films they continue to test screen, revise and fine tune.) One artist jokingly told me:

"By now, this picture just revises itself. But the drawings don't revise. That we have to do..."

Estimates are that employment on the flick will continue awhile (few have been given new end dates). Of course, the July 24th release date just keeps sitting there...

Over at Disney Feature, employees I talked to were hoping to see a bit bigger opening for Meet the Robinsons. I observed that Will Ferrell sucked a lot of oxygen out of the air, so what're you gonna do?


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