Monday, April 09, 2007

Ralph Hulett wash #1

Ralph Hulett wash
(c) by the Estate Of Ralph Hulett. Click on the thumbnail to see a full-sized image.

A Ralph Hulett seascape from 1967. We get an explosion of ocean, and a squadron of seabirds arriving on the rocks. As you can see, his technique and approach changed over the years.

Ralph painted a series of seascapes -- most using watercolor but a few in oil -- during this time. I'll be throwing some of them up over the next few weeks, particularly when I have nothing pithy to say. My goal here will be to display a variety of subjects as time floats by.

And Christmas cards? Next holiday season.

Update: Now that I look at the link, the colors of this could be better. Sorry they're not closer to the painting...


Anonymous said...

oh yeah! Keep 'em coming. Ralph Hulett was one of the most amazing colorists and background painters ever at Disney, and any work of his published ANYwhere is a joy to see. THANKS!

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