Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Old Los Angeles Chinatown -- circa 1948

Since I haven't put up a Ralph Hulett visual in months -- and since I'm running around today -- here is a long-vanished view of old Los Angeles...

Tang's restaurant is on the left; in the far distant background is L.A.'s city hall. And trolley tracks run down the left side of the street.

This view is from the late forties, done in the water color style that Ralph favored. He painted it at the location. Most of the structures depicted above departed the scene decades ago.

Happy Wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh! The days when LA were smog free. Well, almost anyway. :)

Nice artwork!

Anonymous said...

Ralph's work is fabulous-- I love all I've seen, but this watercolor of LA's Chinatown is astoundingly cool.
Steve-- PLEEEZE consider publishing these(and the Xmas series) as note cards available for purchase. I know they would sell well- and I know those of us in the animation community would be proud to have the opportunity to send these to friends and relatives.. Who's with me??

Steve Hulett said...

At some point or other -- when I'm not consumed with other things -- I probably will. However, you'd be surprised at the disinterest of most publishers/card makers.

My mother is desperately trying to buy the original of the above back from an old family friend.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing you could try 'print on demand'-- through an outfit like Cafe Press.
That way you're only actually producing what's requested and selling at the time without a huge time or money committment on your part.

Anonymous said...

If this is the Tang's Restaurant at No. Spring St. and Macy in L.A.'s Chinatown, it is the place where, up to WWI, gamblers used to play "pai gow" in a back room and the authorities would look the other way, for a price, of course!

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