Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Weekend B.O.

Meet the Robinsons, the only animated feature in the Top Ten, continues to decelerate. As of Friday, it had collected $84,764,000 at the American box office.

Disturbia (from Paramount/DreamWorks) remains at the top of the heap with a $46,336,000 total.

Blades of Glory (#5 -- and another DreamWorks production) is the only Top Ten flick that has cracked a 100 million. It's cume is now $104.5 million.

Update: For the weekend, Robinsons drops a notch to #6 (declining 30.5%) taking $4,0842,000 and a current total of $88,356,000.

Disturbia (the homage to Alfred Hitchcock) remains at number one for a third week, raking in $9.1 million for a cume of $52,186,000.

Re MTR, our bet is that Disney will keep the feature out there in play until it crosses the $100 million marker. (What the hey. It's closing in, right?)


Anonymous said...

Hey Steve,

I don't know if you guys have seen it. But over at the Blue Sky Disney blog they report on an interview with Brad Bird where he says his next movie is live action AND it's for Pixar! I followed the links to the interview and it's not a April Fools joke.

Anonymous said...

Pixar leaked the idea of doing live action well over a year ago. its just that people are paying more attention now.

Steve Hulett said...

Brad's been aiming at live action for a considerable while. He worked on the script for Batteries Not Included way back.

And I always thought that Iron Giant could have been a live action feature, although it was great in animation.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Iron Giant comment. I consider Brad a genius and think that the medium doesn't matter. Even so, if it is Princess it'll be filled with alot of FX and will essentially be an animated one anyway.

I read the comment about live action Princess on the Blue Sky Disney blog a couple months ago and thought they were full of it. Maybe their sourses are credible afterall.

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