Wednesday, May 09, 2007

ASIFA's Animation Archive

We link to ASIFA'S animation archive from time to time, but since they're doing a fund-raiser over there today, we thought we'd post something, inviting you to go over and have a look-see.

Steve Worth, Archive top-kick, does sterling work collecting, cataloging, and putting up a host of fine items on the archive blog. (One of which -- a Ralph Bakshi piece -- is on view to the left. For more on Ralph, go here.)

TAG and its members donated money to ASIFA at our December Christmas party. If you have a little loose change at the moment, you might want to toss a few dimes or quarters their way. You'll be helping to preserve animation art and animation's heritage.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to support the archive, but I'm an animation writer. As long as Stephen Worth spends much of his free time lobbying for my unemployment, I can't really spare any change, just on the off chance he succeeds.

Steve Hulett said...

I wasn't aware that Mr. Worth was sabotaging writers, but it's good to know.

Anonymous said...

Worth, like other former Spumco employees, has also deluded himself into believing that all vintage cartoon studios worth their salt operated more or less exactly as Spumco operated.
I think he's afraid we'll otherwise believe that today's script-driven system ruled in the 30s, too. No worries; we know it didn't.
But that's not to say stories at Disney, for example, went directly to storyboard as soon as a basic theme was decided upon, which is what Worth has convinced himself was the case.
One late 1930s Disney PR flier appears to back Worth up. He's flogged it mercilessly on the ASIFA archive blog. Unfortunately for him, it is contradicted by hundreds of actual Disney production documents.
It is beyond damaging to have an ASIFA power player in denial like this.

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