Friday, May 04, 2007

Studio Snapshots

Actually I'm not a slob fixated on animation history or silent films (recent posts to the contrary.)

Actually I'm schlepping around to the usual cartoon studios in the usual way. Things are relatively quiet right now, but even in the quietness, I hear good gossip and good anecdotes.

The bummer of it is, many bits and pieces can't be spewed back here without my professional life becoming a bigger pain in the backside than it already is. Some gripes and gossip, heavily disguised, surface here eventually, but I'm sure you understand why much stays locked up in the dusty attic of my mind. (And if you don't understand, tough noogies.)

So here are a few blanded-out digital tidbits from this week's studio visits:

At Cartoon Network, season four of Ben 10 moves toward completion. Ben has been picked up for two more season, (13 episodes each) but there will be a slight “re brand” with Ben no longer being ten-years-old in the next set of shows. He’ll be a bit older.

New CN show Santo has been greenlit for twenty-six episodes. The production crew will probably start coming aboard in summer.

My Gym Partners a Monkey will be wrapping up over the next month or two, and the crew cycling to other things.

At Disney Feature Animation, the new Goofy short has pretty much all its animation completed. A new hand-drawn short will be commencing shortly.

American Dog, which I keep hearing will be getting a title change, is up almost all totally up on reels and ready for a viewing by the top creative honchos at Pixar and DFA. The new continuity was boarded in 2 ½ months, which is moving right along.

At Warner Bros. Animation, work continues on four series at the usual, breakneck pace. Cubicles are coming down and boxes are being packed for the move back to Burbank on the Warner Ranch. The studio, I’m told, will be occupying part of a building and a double-deck trailer.

There are grumbles among the staff about the new cramped working quarters and the double-deck trailer some units will be moving into, but I'll refrain from giving you specific, pungent quotes.

At Sony Pictures Animation, a short destined to go out with Surf's Up this summer is now whizzing toward completion, and work continues on long-forms Cloudy with Meatballs and Hotel Transylvania. There is also some preliminary work being done on sequels to some of the features now in the pipeline (Spa doesn't want to be unprepared if there is the fragarnace of "tentpole franchise" drifting in the air...)

Have yourself a joyous weekend.


Anonymous said...

RE: WB- DOUBLE DECK Trailers I'm sooo there!

Anonymous said...

When are they planning on releasing American Dog? Spring/Fall 2008? Have you seen the new designs of the characers since Sanders left?

Steve Hulett said...

I believe it's Fall '08.

And yeah, I've seen new designs that are pinned up. Definitely different from what they were before.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of the reworked story? Have a perspective on Chris Williams? This being his first directing effort and all.

Anonymous said...

I purposely avoid knowing much about storylines. And I don't think I've done much more than met Chris.

About the only only animated feature I know anything about is Tinkerbell, because I stood in a hall and started reading the beat boards set up there.

Two-thirds of the way through, I realized what I was doing and stopped. Not from lack of interest. It's just that my life stays simpler when I stay ignorant. (Sometime I'll go into the reasons why...)

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